Name Email Phone Location Position
Samantha Kilgore Washington K-1 Learn More
Stephanie Marlowe Washington K-1 Learn More
Breanna O'Quinn Lincoln Pre-K Learn More
Victoria Goodale Lincoln Pre-K Learn More
William "Billy" Williams Krout 2-3 Learn More
Melinda Graham Washington K-1 Learn More
Alisa Huffman Tiffin Middle School Learn More
Jessica Barrick Tiffin Middle School Learn More
Jennifer Fawcett Lincoln Pre-K Learn More
Linda Moyer Noble 4-5 Learn More
Shawn Siebenaller Krout 2-3 Learn More
Daniel Ink Tiffin Middle School Learn More
Jaycie Foos Columbian High School Learn More
Joyce Dimaun Noble 4-5 Learn More
Raymond Hohman Food Service Learn More
Krista Lewis Noble 4-5 Learn More
Charlie Auble Food Service Learn More
Benjamen Goins District Learn More
Ashley Hoy Food Service Learn More
Jolinda Elchert Washington K-1 Learn More
Brogan Jones Administration Learn More
Claudia Riedy District Learn More
Ashley Parker Tiffin Middle School Learn More
Brianna Wither District Learn More
Jennifer Kessler Lincoln Pre-K Learn More
Rachel Miller Krout 2-3 Learn More
Sarah Babione Krout 2-3, Noble 4-5, Washington K-1 Learn More
Caroline Battin Washington K-1 Learn More
Jennifer Bauerschmidt Tiffin Middle School Learn More
Joseph Krajewski Noble 4-5 Learn More


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