School Counseling

TCS School Counselors act as advocates for all students' emotional well being, as well as providing resources and help for their academic and career advancement. For both students and families, counselors serve as liaisons to the many resources available within the school and community. 

Our school counseling staff works in conjunction with our social workers, school psychologist, and mental health counselors to serve as a link between home, school, and community in providing direct, as well as indirect, services to students, families, and school personnel. The team assists students and families with 1) crisis intervention; 2) accessing school and community resources to help alleviate family stress; 3) promoting understanding and acceptance of self and others; 4) facilitating team meetings to address any barriers to success.

Our goal as a team is to meet the needs of students and families and to provide a safe and positive school environment for all.

Our School Counselors

Kindergarten - Grade 2 School Counselor 

Karen Murphy -

Grades 3-5 School Counselor 

Trisha Eidt-

Middle School Counselor

Melissa Mellott -

Middle School Counselor 

Chris Joyce -

Freshmen Class School Counselor and TCC School Counselor

Kristal Dunlap -

Sophomore Class School Counselor and Junior Class A-K School Counselor

Gary Hart -

Senior Class and Junior L-Z School Counselor

Jennifer Musgrave -


Freshmen Resources

Freshmen Guide

Sophomore Resources

Sophomore Guide

Junior Resources

Junior Guide

Graduation Requirements & Standardized Tests

Class of 2022 and Beyond Graduation Requirements


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