Gifted Identification


         TCS uses a three-part approach to assess students who perform or show potential for performing at high levels of accomplishment in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creativity, and visual and/or performing arts.

         TCS selects instruments from The Ohio Department of Education Approved Assessment list that will allow for appropriate screening and identification of students who are culturally and linguistically diverse, students from low socio- economic status, students with disabilities, and students for whom English is a second language. Tests are selected and administered so as to best ensure that when a test is administered to a child with impaired sensory, manual or speaking skills, the test results accurately reflect the child’s aptitude or achievement level.

         All assessments are administered by qualified personnel, and are administered in the student’s native language.

Stage 1: Pre-Assessment

         This process involves gathering student data from a variety of sources including teacher, parent, and peer nominations, grades, portfolios, observations, review of student records, and outstanding products or performances etc. All students are involved in the pre-assessment pool.


Stage 2: Assessment for Screening

         This process examines the data gathered from the pre-assessment stage and determines if additional assessment is necessary.

         TCS determined cut-off scores, to move students from the screening state to the assessment for identification stage, are lower than the scores for identification. Whole grade screening occurs at grades 2, and 5. According to Gifted Operating Standards in Ohio, we must select an assessment from The Chart of Approved Gifted Assessments.  From that list, TCS currently uses the Iowa and CogAT assessments for these whole grade screenings.  A student may qualify for individual screening as well. Parents will be notified within thirty days of the screening results.


Stage 3: Assessment for Identification

         Students are identified as gifted when they score in the 95 percentile when compared to others of their age/grade across the nation on an approved nationally-normed assessment. 

Assessment strategies provide additional data necessary for the identification decision and the delivery of services. Occasionally a student scores in the screening range on such an assessment, meaning the student did not quite meet the criteria for gifted identification.  Strategies for additional assessment include individual and group testing using cut scores for gifted identification which are provided on The Chart of Approved Gifted Assessments.   TCS currently uses the Woodcock Johnson IV assessments for these individual gifted assessments which occur at grades 2 and 5.  See Identification of Children Who Are Gifted, Definition & Criteria - Excerpted from Ohio Revised Code 3324.01-.07. Parents will be notified within thirty days of the identification process.




         Besides the 3-part plan described above, students may be referred for gifted assessments at any time and at any grade level.  A child can self- referral, a teacher can recommend gifted testing, and parent/guardians can request testing.  Other related professionals may also make referrals (ex: psychologist, community member, principal, etc.) Referral forms may be obtained at and submitted to the local principal’s office or the office of gifted education. Upon receipt of a referral, the district will follow procedures to obtain parent/guardian consent to test.


TCS will provide at least two opportunities a year for assessment in the case of students requesting assessment or recommended by teachers, parents, etc. The district ensures that there are opportunities for a student to be reassessed. Identification is an ongoing process.


Appeals Procedure

Parents have an opportunity to appeal any decision about the results of any screening procedure, or the scheduling of children for assessment, or the placement of a student in any program or the receipt of services. To appeal, parents/guardians should put the request in a letter to the superintendent.


Transfer Students

TCS ensures that any student transferring into the district will be assessed within ninety days of the transfer if requested by the parent. TCS accepts qualifying scores on assessment instruments provided by other school districts or trained personnel outside the school district, provided the assessment instruments are on the Ohio Department of Education’s approved list.


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