Special Education

Support for and Celebration of All Learners

All of our students deserve an opportunity to reach their fullest potential, discover their abilities, set goals, and work to achieve their dreams. The Special Education program offers a continuum of services for students with disabilities, from preschool through graduation. Our goal is to prepare our students with disabilities to be career and/or college ready upon graduation so that they can be successful, independent members of the community.

All Special Education services are provided by Licensed Intervention Specialists in accordance with the Ohio Department of Education’s requirements.

Approach to Special Education Services at TCS

Tiffin City Schools is committed to supporting students with disabilities from the very beginning of a child’s academic journey. Lincoln Pre-K offers an academic program for 3-5 year olds, with typically developing peers and students with disabilities learning side by side.

Students with special needs are provided the interventions and specially designed instruction in accordance with their Individual Education Programs (IEP), to include OT, PT, and/or Speech services if needed. The teachers are all duly licensed with Early Childhood (P-3) and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (P-3) certifications.

Core Curriculum Instruction Approaches

A continuum of services are provided to ensure students are in the least restrictive environment to be successful. There are several different approaches to classroom instruction and options for students with disabilities:

  • Core Instruction in General Education Classes with Non-Disabled Peers Classes are taught by a regular education teacher and an intervention specialist. Some students who require more support may work in smaller groups in a pull out setting.
  • Core Instruction in Self-Contained Classroom with Disabled Peers Classes are taught by an intervention specialist.
  • Core Instruction in Self-Contained Setting for Students with Autism
  • Career/Vocational Education at Sentinel Career Center
  • Work-Based Learning for Students in Grades 9-12 Programming is offered in collaboration with community partners.

Identifying Children with Disabilities

The Tiffin City School District is obligated to locate and evaluate all children, ages three through twenty-one, within the district, with suspected disabilities. Specific eligibility criteria vary with the age of the individual but can include delays in communication; cognitive functioning; adaptive behavior; and sensory, physical and/or social/emotional development. Please contact us if you have a child who may qualify for services from the school district.

Federal Funds Assist Students with Special Needs

Annually, Tiffin City Schools receives Part-B IDEA Special Education funds from the federal government to assist in providing services to students with disabilities in the Tiffin City School District. These funds help to provide instruction and supplies for students with disabilities. The funds also offset tuition costs for students in specialized programs housed outside of the district. Questions and suggestions concerning use of these federal funds can be directed to the Director of Student Services.


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