Technology Is the Road to Future Success

Technology is rapidly changing. It is essential that our students build a strong foundation in the tools of today to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

Technology needs to enhance communication, make routine tasks easier, promote literacy and lifelong learning, enable accessible and inclusive instructional practices for a variety of student learning styles, and prepare students to be good citizens. This requires ongoing maintenance of equipment through targeted replacement and regular upgrades so that our students have access to the latest technology.

One-to-One Technology Access

In order to learn successfully in today’s academic environment, access to technology is critical. Tiffin City Schools is proud to provide access as a one-to-one school district in grades 3-12, providing devices to over 2,600 students. This means that every student enrolled in grades 3-12 has a laptop, netbook, or tablet computer provided to them so they can easily access the Internet, digital textbooks, and digital course materials.

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