Gifted Services Grades 6-8


Gifted Services at Tiffin Middle School 

Tiffin Middle School offers a wide range of advanced levels of core courses in addition to two built-in subject acceleration tracks.  These courses may count as a gifted service when the student is identified as gifted in that particular content area and a Written Education Plan is on file describing the differentiation that will occur for that student. General education teachers who direct such WEPs receive high quality professional development in serving gifted students.

 Honors Math 6/7 - Students accelerate through 6th and 7th grade math during the 6th grade year.  These students take the 7th grade state math assessment in the spring.  This course puts students on the path to take Algebra I during their 8th grade year.

 Honors Social Studies 7/8 - 7th grade world history curriculum is compacted into the first semester of the year while 8th grade American history is compacted into semester two.  This course puts the students on the track to take American History for high school credit during their 8th grade year.

 If a student was not initially identified for either of the honors opportunities, parents/guardians have the opportunity to request consideration using the single-subject acceleration referral form.  Upon receipt of such request, assessments will be completed and a committee with gather to study the request.  The Tiffin City Schools board-approved acceleration process is followed.


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