Krout 2-3 News

Krout's Poetry News

Every year, Mrs. Theresa Stover submits poetry submissions to Pine Tree Poetry for their review. After reviewing ours and comparing to other submissions, they select submissions to be published in their yearly book. We are so proud of the attached list of 2nd grade students and 3rd grade students who had a selection that will be published this year.

Please join us in congratulating these students on a job well done!!

3rd Grade Tiffin Tour

Joshua Mann speaking to Mrs. Horn's class at the William Harvey Gibson Statue during the 3rd Grade Tiffin Tour.

"Charles Alec"

2nd grader Alec Boes loves to read and write stories. He chose a pen name of "Charles Alec" and took his 13 stories to the library. They were so excited that they set up a display of all his stories!

Book Bingo

Krout recently hosted Book Bingo - an event enjoyed by all!

Legend Ward

Legend Ward read his winning essay at the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration - congratulations Legend!

Author Sue Ciccio's Visit

Sue Diccico is a children’s author and illustrator. She founded the International Peace Crane project. Sue recently visited Krout School to talk about her book: “The Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki” that students have recently read. Students enjoyed learning how to draw Mickey Mouse because she used to work for Walt Disney.
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