Tornado Academy Enrollment for 2022-2023

May 11, 2022

Tiffin City Schools has a long tradition of excellence throughout our buildings. We know and understand some families have a desire or need for an online learning environment. With this in mind, we once again want to offer an online learning program that is supported and monitored by Tiffin City Schools staff. In order to work to address our students needs in advance, we request all applicants complete this form by May 24, 2022. We will notify all those submitted by the 5/24 deadline of their acceptance by June 1, 2022.


The program, known as the Tornado Academy, has the ability to serve K-12 students. While we had an online program this year, we are making some changes, as we want to help our students feel more comfortable and confident by providing face to face support. Our program for the elementary and middle school will be a blend of online learning experiences along with some face to face support outside of your home.

High school students will be utilizing APEX as their online learning platform. There will be required work sessions to ensure students are staying on pace and getting the support that they need to be successful. Attendance will be taken weekly based upon work completion and participation in scheduled therapies or interventions if part of an IEP (this allows for flexibility but also maintains accountability). Dates for face to face attendance will be given in advance.

Note, students who have participated in an online learning platform before and do not have records substantiating engagement and academic success will not be permitted to enter into Tiffin City Schools Tornado Academy. Also note, students who enter the program and do not follow through on work completion and academic achievement (passing grades) will be given plans to get them back on track. If plans are not followed or there is a pattern of lack of success, students will then be required to attend Tiffin City Schools for face to face learning or choose another option.

If you have questions about Tornado Academy, please feel free to contact Jennifer Kuhn, Director of Teaching and Learning and Supervisor for the Tornado Academy, or 419-447-2515.

Many families and students appreciated the flexibility of working in an online system and found academic and health benefits to the program.

Students who participate in Tiffin City Schools Tornado Academy can participate in extracurricular activities provided they meet eligibility criteria. They can also participate in face to face learning for band, high school CCP courses, possibly along with other high school courses, and/or Sentinel Career Center. Parents are responsible for transportation for students who are attending courses in the buildings.


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