TCS COVID-19 Guidelines 2021-2022

August 31, 2021

Tiffin City Schools 2021-2022 School Year COVID-19 Guidance

While we plan to remain flexible with our decisions, our hope for the 2021-2022 school year is a return to normalcy as much as possible. We will continue to work with State and Local health officials to determine the best course of action for our District based on our local numbers. 
We are committed to providing a safe environment for students and staff that minimizes the risk of illness and maximizes in-person learning. This can be accomplished by using multiple layers of protection. The most important layers are listed first (vaccination, masks, and physical distancing). The need for quarantine will be determined by how consistently these layers of protection are followed.  


  • While not mandated or required, students ages 12 and older, teachers, and staff are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This decision is up to each individual and family to make. We will be respectful and mindful of all decisions made for this matter. 


  • While not mandated or required at this time, all students and employees are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in the classroom setting. This decision is up to each individual and family to make. We will be respectful and mindful of all decisions made for this matter. Consistent and correct mask usage throughout the school day will minimize the need for quarantine when someone in the school tests positive for COVID-19 or another infectious disease.
  • The team will create a health plan for students who are at an increased risk for severe illness based on the school district’s nurse input in consultation with the parent(s). This may include preferential seating, mask guidance, etc.

Physical Distancing

  • While not mandated, maintaining distances of at least 3 ft. apart when masks are used (or 6 ft. apart when masks are not used) from other persons when possible will result in lower spread of all communicable diseases, including COVID-19. This will minimize the need for quarantine when someone in the school tests positive. 


  • Classroom materials may be shared.
  • Students will continue to be encouraged to wash and/or sanitize their hands regularly throughout the school day, as these are always healthy hygiene habits.
  • Employees will continue normal cleaning and sanitizing routines of common surfaces, as these are healthy hygiene practices that have always been encouraged. 
  • Materials removed from the classrooms due to the pandemic will remain in storage until further guidance is given.
  • Plexiglass barriers are optional. They may be kept in place if they do not interfere with learning and employees would like them to remain. They may also be used for small group work and other situations where physical distancing is not possible.
  • No specific restrictions are in place for outdoor recess and playground activities this school year, although physical distancing as much as possible will reduce the possible spread of illnesses among students. 

Reporting/Contact Tracing/Attendance

  • The school nurse will continue to screen for illness using the internal screening tool.
  • Individuals will be sent home immediately if symptoms occur during the school day.
  • Positive test results must be reported to the Seneca County General Health District.
  • Contact tracing will be conducted by the Seneca County General Health District. Schools will assist by identifying close contacts within the classroom setting or during school-sponsored extracurricular activities.
  • Seneca County General Health District determines when isolation and quarantine are necessary to prevent the spread of other infectious diseases. The Health District will determine when students and staff may safely return to school and extracurricular activities.  Current guidelines are:
    • Regardless of vaccination status, students/employees must remain home and isolate for 10 days if positive for COVID-19.
    • Vaccinated students/employees do not have to quarantine if they are exposed to COVID-19 as long as they have no symptoms. However, they should monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days after exposure and consult with their health care provider if symptoms develop.
    • Unvaccinated students/employees who are exposed to COVID-19 must quarantine for 10 days UNLESS they consistently and correctly wore a mask throughout the school day and maintained physical distancing of at least 3 ft. if the exposure took place outside of a classroom setting. 


  • Employees are to report COVID-related absences as sick days as with any other illness. All Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) leave days have expired. 
  • The school district will continue to use the COVID-19 attendance code if students are reported absent for positive COVID-19 tests, sent home for COVID-19-like symptoms or quarantined/isolated by the Seneca County General Health District. 
  • If a student is sent home by the school nurse for COVID-19-like symptoms, the nurse will communicate with the building secretary to mark the student absent using the COVID-19 attendance code.
  • Seneca County General Health District will determine when isolation and quarantine are necessary and students and staff may safely return to classroom and extracurricular activities.
  • Communication to families regarding isolation/quarantine decisions will come from the Seneca County General Health District.
  • Families should report absences through the building secretaries or by using the TCS APP. By indicating the absence is due to COVID-19, the absence will be coded accordingly.
  • Make-up work will be communicated by the classroom teacher as with any other illness. 
  • TCS will follow our building homework policies in terms of make-up assignments.
  • Food and Beverages/Lunch
    • We will follow regular food and beverage guidance as outlined in school handbooks. 
    • All schools will have students eating in the cafeteria.
    • Physical distancing is not possible with all students in the cafeteria, but students will be distanced as much as possible.


  • Zoom is still an option for parent/school district meetings.
  • Parent/guardian meetings may continue to be conducted via Zoom when convenient. In-person meetings will be held when requested by the parent/guardian or deemed most appropriate by the team. 


  • Guests and visitors will be allowed in school district buildings on a limited basis.
  • Guests and visitors should self-screen for symptoms and stay home if symptomatic for any illness.
  • Guests and visitors will follow regular check-in procedures and rules outlined in school handbooks.


  • Students will not be socially distanced on the buses.
  • Parents/guardians have the option of providing their own transportation.
  • All cleaning and sanitizing protocols will continue on a daily basis. 


  • Large gatherings indoors do not have a capacity limit, except for capacities set by the Ohio Fire Code.
  • Outdoor gatherings do not have a capacity limit.
Revised 08/13/21
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