Name Email Phone Location Position
Teresa White 419-455-9107 Lincoln Pre-K Teacher Learn More
Amanda Whitman 419-447-1072 Washington K-1 Teacher/Intervention Specialist Learn More
Kelsey Wickham 419-447-2652 Washington K-1 Teacher Learn More
Audrey Williams 419-447-5768 Food Service Department Head Learn More
Courtnie Williams 419-447-2652 Krout 2-3 Lunch Monitor Learn More
Dustin Williams 419-447-2515 Board of Education Board President Learn More
Lisa Wilson 419-447-6331 Columbian High School Teacher/Intervention Specialist Learn More
Amanda Winnick 419-455-9107 Lincoln Pre-K Aide Learn More
Aubrey Wise 419-447-8729 Transportation Bus Driver Learn More
Travis Wise 419-447-6331 Columbian High School Teacher Learn More
Margaret Wise 419-447-1566 Noble 4-5 Teacher Learn More
Jessica Wise 419-455-9107 Lincoln Pre-K Educational Aide Learn More
Joan Wolf 419-447-1072 Washington K-1 Teacher Learn More
Courtney Workman Washington K-1 Learn More
Denise Yaeger 419-447-8729 Noble 4-5, Transportation Bus Aide/Recess Monitor Learn More
Catie Yambert 419-455-9107 Lincoln Pre-K Head Custodian Learn More
Kim Yates 419-447-1072 Washington K-1 Special Needs Aide Learn More
Alexis Yates Lincoln Pre-K Teacher Learn More
Abigail Young District Learn More
Jodi Zirger 419-447-1566 Noble 4-5 Teacher/Intervention Specialist Learn More
Dan Zirger 419-447-3358 Tiffin Middle School Custodian Learn More
Paula Zirm 419-447-3358 Tiffin Middle School Gifted Supervisor Learn More


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