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Winter Sport Coaches
Basketball Girls' - Erin Reed
Bowling - Kory Walton
Swimming - Matt Campbell
Wrestling parents' night will take place on Thursday, January 10th.   Photo packets and tickets for free admission for parents have been provided to each wrestler.  Corsages will be available for all moms to wear in their photo.   The photographer will be available starting at 5:15.   
Our three seniors will be recognized.
Swimming   (January 11th and 12th)
The SBC has set the admission prices for the SBC meet this weekend.  The first day's events will be $6 and $5.  The second day's admissions will be $8 and $6.
Parents' Night Basketball:
Girls' February 14
Boys' February 22
Photo packets will be available for all basketball players.   
Good luck, Tornadoes!
This week in Athletics:


10:00 B/G Varsity Bowling Lima trny 7:00 AM A
22-Jan 4:30 B TMS Basketball Willard MS 3:15 A
22-Jan 4:30 G TMS Basketball Willard MS -- H
22-Jan 4:30 B/G Varsity Bowling Vermilion -- H
22-Jan 6:00 G Varsity Basketball Sandusky -- H
24-Jan 4:30 B TMS Basketball McPherson -- H
24-Jan 4:30 G TMS Basketball McPherson 3:15 A
24-Jan 4:30 B/G Varsity Bowling Perkins 3:00 A
25-Jan 4:45 B 9/JV/V Basketball Sandusky -- H
26-Jan 9:00 B TMS Wrestling Seneca East Inv 6:15 A
26-Jan 10:00 B JV Wrestling Galion 7:15 A
26-Jan 10:00 B/G Varsity Swim Ontario 8:00 A
26-Jan 1:00 G Varsity Basketball Perkins -- H
26-Jan 5:00 B 9 Basketball Margaretta 3:30 A
26-Jan 6:30 B JV/V Basketball Margaretta 4:15 A