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It's All About People
CEO's are in contact with their colleagues around the world on a daily basis. Video-conferencing, email, cell phones and the Blackberry have joined the passport and suitcase as the trademarks of international business. Never before have faraway places been so close to home.

Our classrooms are filled with students whose future jobs will demand that they be in constant communication with people around the world using technology not yet invented to share information not yet discovered.

Technology has brought the world to our doorstep, and it is our task to ensure that today's students are prepared to enter that world, ready to successfully interact with their fellow citizens.

In our efforts to prepare tomorrow’s citizens to live and prosper in a global society, we sometimes overlook the most essential element of all—the people. Cell phones, email and video-conferences are merely tools to allow one human being to connect with another. Those tools are most effective when we understand, respect and know something about the person at the other end.

That then is the purpose of the Frost-Kalnow/National Machinery International Cultural Center: to provide opportunities for the people in our community to better know, understand and appreciate the peoples of the world.

To celebrate and demonstrate the relationships and interdependence among peoples and nations to foster understanding and appreciation of different cultures to equip people young and old to assume leadership roles in our global society.