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RESTART TCS 2020-2021

As hard as it is to believe we are about to begin a new school year.  During a typical year students and or families may experience some anxiety with the start of the new year. I imagine some of you may be experiencing a heightened sense of feelings as you have chosen to have your student embark on a virtual journey to start the school year this year (or you have already selected to have your child do the entire year virtually).  Please know that no matter what your concerns are we are here to support you.  You have a team of dedicated professionals committed to helping your student and your family.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions along the way.  


This weekend our tech department has been working double time to get several matters taken care of on behalf of all Tiffin City School Students.  Your advisors are preparing greetings that they will be sending out or they may have already sent out along with preparing office hours to meet your needs.  I am presently working through the backside of the system to make sure we have student’s courses aligned with their schedules (please know that we can make adjustments and we will as we strive to meet your student's needs). 


This is the link you will want to save so your child can easily access their learning portal--please click the link below to see the login screen.  




student username is:  (you will use your students TCS email

password is:  TCAcademy. (you can change that password once your student logs in)



Tiffin City Schools has  assigned the following staff members to act as Advisors/Advisor Specialists.  

Your child's advisor is the person who is CC'd on this email.  Megan Caulder

  • You will receive an email through your account on Tuesday from your child's Tornado Academy Advisor where they will introduce themselves and provide you with additional valuable information such as office hours and other optional online socialization opportunities for your student. 

Tornado Advisors

Tornado Advisor Specialists

Ashley Aichholz

Amanda Jenot

Becky Trumble

Amber Plikerd

Christine Shaver

Ashley Mooney

Joan Ledwedge

Brandi Reinhart

Judy Downie

Brittany Lindrup

Leigh Alvarado

Lauren Stultz

Len Donaldson

Megan Caulder

Leslie Poignon

Natt Perrine, ESL Specialist

Wendy Rothrock



When and How Does My Student Complete Their Tornado Academy Work

The best part of the Tornado Academy is the flexibility it offers you and your student.  We have attached several different suggested schedule options for those of you that may like assistance in developing a routine for your student.  Feel free to use these suggested schedules or be creative and create your very own schedule that works for you.  


Our expectation for your student on Tuesday, September 8th is that your child first sign in successfully to their device, then navigate into the TCS Schools PLP login page where they also sign in to check that they have the correct username and password, and then communicate with their Tornado Academy Advisor their success or difficulties (obviously if your student is unable to log in you will need to respond to the advisor through your own email.)  We also would like to encourage students to either join their Advisors office hours or social online meeting times which will be emailed to you, the parent, on Tuesday.   


Our expectation for your student on Wednesday, September 9th is that they begin their online learning experience by actually starting their coursework at a time that is convenient for them or your family.  If at any time you experience difficulty please remember to reach out to your Tornado Academy Advisor.  



Chromebook Sign In

Feel free to click on the Youtube video link imm

ediately below this line to watch a quick tutorial



How to Log in to Your Chromebook

  • Open up your Chromebook.  If the power does not turn on after a few seconds, please press the power button (that looks like a circle with a little line) in the top right hand corner of the keyboard.
  1. You will see a log in screen pop up.  Click the blue link that says sign in with a different account.  If you see a camera screen instead of a log in screen, just go back and click the blue link that says sign in with a different account.

Note:  K-3 students will be receiving a Clever Badge, which is a simple QR code that students can simply scan on the camera screen in order to log into their chromebooks instead of typing their email address each time.  Students in grades 4-12 can request a Clever Badge through their Tornado Academy Advisor if they would like one.  For now, everyone will have to type in the entire email address to log in.

  1. Sign in by entering your email address and press next.  

Example:  tif12345@tiffincityschools.org  

  1. Enter your password, tiffin123 and press next.   This will take you to your Tiffin City Schools Gmail inbox where you will receive messages from your Tornado Academy advisor! (the first time your child signs in they will need to change their password-please write it down-if you get locked out you need to contact your Tornado Academy Advisor and we will work with the tech department to assist you).


If you are having trouble logging in to your chromebooks, please contact your Tornado Academy Advisor.



Are you having difficulty logging in?

Chromebook Issue-Unable to SIgn In

If you picked up a chromebook and you tried to log in and saw a message saying the device was reported as lost or stolen please try the following actions.

  1. Try restarting this device.
  2. If this doesn't work, restart it while holding down these keys at the same time.            Control / Alt /S   

If this does not work you will need to let your child's advisor know and they will work with our tech department to assist you.


My Student Does Not Know or Forgot Their Email

Using your parent email contact your student's advisor and they will assist you in getting your student's email address.  (Every student K-12 has an email account)


Chromebook Pick-up

If you requested a device and did not pick it up last week you need to email jennifer_kuhn@tiffincityschools.org and let her know you are in need of picking up a device. You can pick up devices at the Tiffin City Schools Administration Building by appointment.  Please contact Pat Smith to set up an appointment (no appointments can be made prior to noon on Tuesday, September 8th.  When you come to pick up your student's chromebook YOU MUST BRING A DRIVERS LICENSE/or FORM OF ID WITH YOU . Prior to pick-up, you must complete the Chromebook User Agreement Form--ignore that it says for students 4-12.  You will list all of the students and the grades they are in that you intend to borrow a chromebook for.  Click on the link below to complete the form: