Yoga Resources

Yoga is a great way to connect mindfulness with movement. We already know that mindfulness is all about being in the moment and as I like to describe it - being where your feet are. Yoga is a way to exercise, stretch, relax, and move our bodies all while being mindful of our breathing and thoughts.
Movement is especially important during this school closure as you want to be sure you are still exercising. There are many yoga resources out there, but here are a few cool YouTube videos to get you started! I hope you enjoy yoga as much as Kennedy and I do! (Check out his downward dog pose on the Mindfulness Resources & Coping Skills page!)
Learn more about yoga and how it helps students in this video:
Themed yoga resources for younger students can be found on Cosmic Kids Yoga Youtube Channel
Frozen - A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure:
Minecraft - A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure:
Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone - A Cosmic Kids Adventure:
Here are some longer yoga class style videos from Youth Yoga Project
Morning Yoga:
Bedtime Yoga:
More fun yoga for kids from Yoga With Adriene and her dog Benji:
Rainbow Yoga:
Yoga for Kids - Play in the Park: