Mrs. Jill Miller » District Social Worker/Family & Student Support Specialist

District Social Worker/Family & Student Support Specialist

As the District Social Worker, I serve as a link between the home, school, and community in providing direct as well as indirect services to students, families and school personnel to promote and support students’ academic, social, emotional and behavioral success. I am here to assist students and families with: 1) crisis intervention; 2) accessing school and community resources to help alleviate family stress; 3) promoting understanding and acceptance of self and others; 4) facilitating team meetings to address any barriers to success.

I also offer assistance to school personnel to help them better understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, health, etc.) affecting a student’s performance and behavior; assisting with behavior management; increasing knowledge on mental health and traumatic event factors that may impact a child’s academic and social success; and promoting a safe and positive school environment.

Ace of Hearts ("Ace") is here to help assist with these efforts by being a calm, friendly, and non-judgmental presence in our buildings.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any help or assistance you may need!