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Mr. Smith School Psycholotgist

Hello everyone, may name is Nick Smith and I am one of your TCS school psychologists. For the 18-19 school year I am assigned to Washington (Mondays), Krout (Tuesdays), TMS (Wednesdays), Noble (Thursdays) and Lincoln for office hours / home base (Fridays). School psychologists serve students, parents, district and community in a variety of ways. We work with students to support academics, behavior and mental health needs. We support parents and district staff through concultationa and collaborations to support the needs of students both at home and school. We support the community as advocates for students needs and links between education and mental and physical health providers as well as collaborate with district and community leaders to support a variety of initiatives focused on student success. Over the year I plan to continue to add resources and links to this page on a variety of different topics, please check back or feel free to contact me at anytime.