TMS Lunch & Learn

Each month the TMS students can sign-up to hear about different career fields based on their interest.  The first Lunch & Learn was held on September 26 for students interested in working with animals. Dr. Amber Stover talked about being a veterinarian.  She brought Alanna Hahler, a vet tech that explained her education and duties. Together they provided background information to the students concerning the medical care of animals as a career field.
For a different area of working with animals, Katy Smith from Takoda Training talked about being a dog trainer, the different ways one can follow to enter this field, and exactly what a trainer does. Katy brought her intern with her, Amanda Mowery, and her dog.  Amanda shows dogs and the dog she had with her has twice been selected as the top dog in the United States.  Amanda talked about her background and training.

A Lunch & Learn event will be provided once a month with a different area of interest being presented.  Announcements will be aired to let students know what topics will be discussed each month and they can sign up with either Mrs. Edmond or Mrs. Joyce.  Future sessions will focus on careers in computing, high demand jobs in manufacturing, building trades, outside work, creative arts and medical careers.  If your child is interested in one of these areas or just wants to be exposed to career options, they can stop by the counseling offices to hear more!!