Reopening Info for Krout 2-3

Good evening Krout 2-3 families.  This is Mr. Beaston with an update about this school year.   Teachers and staff returned to work on Monday and we have been hard at work developing COVID procedures for our buildings.  We wanted to share with you what your child’s day will look like so you can make an educated decision about sending your child to school or going virtual.  The Tornado Academy, our online option, has reopened its registration until Sunday, August 23rd at 9 pm. 

The school day begins officially at 8:15 am.  Students are encouraged to arrive as close to 8:00 as possible.  For families who have to make multiple stops at Washington and/or Noble Elementary buildings or have work related concerns, our doors open at 7:30 am.  Students waiting will be released from the gym at 7:45 to go to their classrooms so that we are able to maintain social distance (3-6 feet) in the gym.  Breakfast will be grab and go and students will eat in their classrooms.  Busses will arrive after 8:00 and students will go directly to their classrooms or will go to the gym to pick up breakfast and then to the classroom.

Keep in mind that our class sizes currently are between 17-24 students.  While we are spreading out, we are not able to socially distance the recommended 3-6 feet and students will be in closer contact when doing classwork or receiving small group instructions.   All students are required to wear a mask during classroom times.

Art and music will be in the student’s homeroom.  The art and music teachers will come to the room.  Physical education and library will be in the gym and library.  We are doing this to reduce student exposure.  For PE, students will not be wearing masks while actively participating.  We will be socially distancing during these non-mask times.

Lunch will be in the homerooms.  The cafeteria workers will come to the classroom to serve lunch.  Students will eat at their desks and will not be wearing their masks during this time.  We normally would have 100 students in the cafeteria and by eating in the classroom, we reduce exposure to just one class.

Students will have two recesses per day, one at lunch and one additional recess outside.  Lunch recess will be indoors to limit student exposure (we would normally have 100 students outside at once.)  Masks can be removed once outside and times are staggered so classes will not be lining up together.  Only two classes will be outside at once and they will each have their own area so we are again limiting exposure.  The playground equipment is closed, the swings and climbing toys will be roped off.  Each class will have their own set of balls, jump ropes, etc. so that we do not have cross-contamination from equipment.

All classrooms will be disinfected every night.  Bathrooms will be disinfected after every class use.

Parents and visitors will only be allowed access to the office.  Parents will not be able to walk their students to class even on the first day.  We will have staff on duty to assist in getting students to their respective classrooms.

This list does not include all of the safety protocols we have put in place.  There are a lot.  In order to help teach our students all the procedures, we are having a staggered start.  Students with the last name A-K will start school on Sept. 8.  Students with the last name L-Z will start school on September 9 with all students coming on September 10. 

If you decide you want to send your child to Tornado Academy, you can register here until Sunday night at 9 pm.  If your child is still going to attend in person, class lists will be posted on August 28 at 8 am.  Bus routes will be mailed next week.  Back to School Night is September 1 from 4:30-6:30 and will be a drive through format where you will be able to drop off supplies.  You will not be able to enter the building.  We know that there is a lot of anxiety about the return to school.  We have it too.  Please remember that we are trying to follow guidelines and keep your students safe. 


Yours in Education,

Mr. Beaston